The CALMM Class: Empowered Cyclic Education with Holly Hatton

The CALMM Class: Empowered Cyclic Education with Holly Hatton

CALMM class: Empowered Cyclic Education with Holly Hatton

Where: The CALMM, Newport.

When: Tuesday 27th August, 6.30pm. 

What: Cyclic education. 

With: @hollyhatton.naturopath

Investment: $35 and 1 hour of your time.



Too much was missing from our sex education. It’s time to empower yourself by learning about how your body works. This is a cyclic awareness and education class where we will dive into the intricacies of tracking the menstrual cycle, while learning about hormonal health and how to support yourself throughout the month with diet and lifestyle and with gentle at home herbal medicine.


Holly is a qualified naturopath with a bachelor’s degree in health science who is passionate about realistic, achievable, and sustainable holistic health care.

Hollys interests as a naturopath lie in female reproductive health and hormone health, really focusing on helping women come back to themselves and learn their bodies. She works with anything from period problems, skin issues, preconception care, pregnancy, postpartum, peri-post menopause, and everything in between. Holly uses herbal and nutritional medicine along with dietary and lifestyle adjustments to bring about change in the body and guide it back to balance. 



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