The CALMM Class: ENERGY HYGIENE with Kristen Budd

The CALMM Class: ENERGY HYGIENE with Kristen Budd

Understanding the simplicity and necessity of a daily energetic self-care routine can be an absolute game changer in experiencing a life at our highest potential. When our energy health is overlooked, the effects can lead to exhaustion, fatigue, confusion, disconnection, overcome with dense emotions, holding onto past traumas, consistent health problems in the physical body, and generally finding that the life you're living is simply out of sync.    


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Our energy body and energy systems are super active alongside our physical body. When we engage and start working with our energy systems, we have the power to gently shift our overall frequency and move us into experiencing higher states of flow within us and in our physical reality.  

This workshop is broken up into 4 parts:

  1. Understanding Energy, Vibration and Frequency.

  2. Looking at our 4 Body System: Mental, Emotional, Physical, Energetic.

  3. Energy Anatomy – What makes up our energy body.

  4. Energy Hygiene – practical, potent and effective techniques to keep you clean, clear and protected. 

Taking responsibility for your own energetic health is crucial to achieving your highest potential.

You will leave this workshop with different ideas of how to keep your energy field stable, grounded, cleared plus some effective tools in protecting your field and space.  

This is an opportunity to invest in yourself and your energetic health whilst experiencing the transformative power of cleansing, rejuvenating, and protecting your energy field!

About Kristen:

Kristen is a registered Master Energy Healer, Meditation Practitioner and (soon to be) Himalayan Breathwork and Kriya Yoga facilitator. Kristen is passionate about bringing awareness and normality to energy healing across the 4-body system – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies.

With a progressive approach to energy healing, Kristen works with potent energy healing techniques (Ashati, Alsemia, Reiki) and uses supportive tools such as sacred oils and crystals to amplify the relaxation and healing process.

Kristen strongly believes in consistent energy hygiene practices to release stress, tension, dense emotions and heal trauma from the entire 4 body system and reach a version of self which is free, happy and at full integration of wellbeing.


Where: The Calmm, Newport

When: 4th August, 4-5pm **date change. 

What: Energy Hygiene Workshop, Including a 30 minute energy healing meditation. 

With: @calmaplaces 

Investment: $35 and 1hr of your time. 

Includes a blue lotus tea and gift pack with a chakra stone and an energy hygiene booklet. 

What to wear: Warm comfy clothes. 

Mats supplied by us


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