The CALMM Class: Be STILL with The Shared Road

The CALMM Class: Be STILL with The Shared Road

Carly, a Vedic Meditation Teacher from ‘The Shared Road’, will guide you through the principles of meditation, whether you're newbie to meditation or seeking to reconnect or deepen your existing practice.

Surrender to blissful presence and stillness, as we gently nurture your nervous system with soothing breathwork, meditation, and relaxation. Join us in silence as you enter and depart, allowing the profound effects ripple and gracefully unfold into your evening. We invite you to turn phones off before you enter the space, as a means of disconnection and to facilitate connection to self. 

About Carly:

Carly, with a wealth of experience spanning over 25 years in yoga and meditation, has honed her expertise to become a Vedic Meditation Teacher and Mentor. Carly seamlessly blends ancient wisdom through modern life challenges, offering tools to those needing to reduce stress, unlearn patterns, find calm and respond and take action from inner stability with grace and ease. 


Where: The Calmm, Newport.

When: 30th June at 5pm

What: Vedic Meditation

With: @thesharedroad

Investment: $35 and 1 hour of your time.

What to wear: Comfy clothes, the comfier the better.

What to bring: A cushion if you would like some extra support, and a shawl and warm socks. 

Mats supplied by us



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