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EMS mooyee device

The Mooyee EMS or Electrical Muscle Stimulation Machine uses gentle electrical impulses, which are delivered directly to your muscles via electrodes placed on the skin. These impulses cause the muscles to contract and relax for the purpose of strengthening and rehabilitating them where you need it most. 

EMS machines work to achieve two outcomes: firstly, to relieve inflammation, and secondly, to strengthen the muscle. Whether you’re recovering from an injury or looking to naturally treat muscle pain, these nifty little machines are a scientifically proven, drug-free alternative to pain management, recovery and optimization.

EMS Benefits

  • Minimise inflammation
  • Speed up muscle healing to reduce recovery time
  • Stimulate muscle growth and enhance muscular strength
  • Stimulates blood blow through muscle
  • Reduces muscular pain
  • Improve circulation
  • Assist in post-surgery and injury recovery
The Difference between a TENS and EMS Machine
Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation or TENS machines are used to stimulate the nerves and are used for relieving nerve pain, while Electrical Muscle Stimulation or EMS machines are used to stimulate the muscle and are used for rehabilitation and strengthening them. Both machines have their own merit and serve different purposes. If you are unsure if this product is right for you, we recommend consulting your health practitioner.  


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