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Evie-sue, a registered massage therapist of 8 years, has spent many years cultivating a passion for improving everyday wellness for those around her.

She believes in the healing power of touch and treating the body holistically, tailoring each treatment based on individual needs. Creating a safe and nurturing space, Evie-sue supports and helps her clients to relax, de-stress and unwind mentally, emotionally and physically.

Evie-sue treats muscular skeletal injuries, chronic and acute muscle tension. Her techniques include deep tissue, trigger point, sports, soft tissue and Chinese meridian acupressure. These, paired back with her knowledge in yoga, meditation and acupressure allow her to not only relieve pain but bring balance to the body and clarity to the mind.

- Diploma of Remedial Massage
- Level 1 & 2 Fusion Acupressure Method
- 200hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Training
- Private health rebates available

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Jade has over 14 years experience in the health and wellness industry. In the past Jade has been involved with running eco retreats in Australia and abroad, collaborated in building conscious communities, facilitated workshops and now runs massage and yoga qualifications and courses at multiple colleges in Sydney.

Jade has a strong passion to learn, teach and to inspire others about the importance of creating a harmonious relationship between the body and mind.

- 650hr advanced dip Yoga Teacher
- Diploma of Remedial Massage
- 2nd degree Reiki
- Cert IV Training and Assessment
- Lecturer - ALG
- Tutor - SCC
- Private health rebates available

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Jessie, founder and director of The CALMM, is a registered massage therapist of 5 years who is passionate about healing through intuitive touch.

Jessie strongly believes in massage therapy as a means to de-stress, balance energy, increase focus and clarity, while releasing areas of chronic pain and muscle tension, allowing for increased circulation, mobility and optimum health.

With a more holistic approach to treating, Jessie aims to bring harmony to the body with the use of acupressure and a myriad of massage techniques.

- Diploma of Remedial Massage
- Acupressure Certificate
- Private health rebates available

Treats in:
Newport & Bondi

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Yoko has treated in a variety of different settings since completing her remedial massage certificating in 2017. Her clientele has included elite sporting teams, the elderly who are suffering from chronic pain, those suffering from stress and anxiety, and also pregnant women. In addition to this, she has also worked closely with allied health practitioners to assist those recovering from injuries.

Moreover, Yoko, being trained in fitness, can assist you not only in the treatment room but teach you self-massage techniques, stretching, mobility exercises and physically activity to support yours goals.

- Diploma of Remedial Massage
- Fitness Certificate IV in fitness
- Private health rebates available

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As a registered Remedial Massage therapist, Sean draws on his comprehensive understanding of anatomy from his degree (B. Human Movement) and experience as a qualified personal trainer (Cert IV in Fitness). Sean’s athletic background gives him a unique understanding of impact of injury, rehabilitation and pain management.

Sean aligns his passion for correctional movement and injury prevention into his remedial focused treatments. He uses a collaborative approach to reach his client’s goals by combining clinical education and massage. His passion for anatomy and movement allows for significant insight into how and why the body works the way it does.

Sean is passionate about increasing range of motion and decreasing dysfunction in limited tissue, providing a safe space for your body to drift into the parasympathetic state. He ensures that each client leaves with a sense of physical and emotional grounding as well as an increased range of motion and fluidity, bringing relief to chronic pain and discomfort.

Seans qualifications:
- Bachelor of Human Movement (Sports Science)
- Diploma of Remedial Massage
- Cert III and Cert IV in Fitness
- Private health rebates available

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Mr Woolf

Mr Woolf is a Sydney-based Mind Trainer, Energy Healer and Performance Coach.

Born and raised in London’s East End, to an English mother and Caribbean father, Mr Woolf moved to Australia in 1998.

After forging a successful 18 year career in fashion, beauty and the arts, 2017 saw Mr Woolf repurpose and redirect his creative energy to the wellness and transformation space.

Mr Woolfs Programs:
In a world where constant change, complexity and uncertainty are the new normal Mr Woolf’s multidisciplinary approach to the ancient art of mind training offers the key to a new world; all we have to do is take action and turn it.

Developed from a diversity of disciplines and practice modalities, Mr Woolf’s approach to mind training is principle centred, with a distinct focus on realising and actualising our potential to impact personal and cultural transformation.

The principles Mr Woolf applies to his teachings are grounded in the qualities and concepts of traditional practice modalities: Zazen (Zen), Vipassana, and the ancient Indigenous Australian practice of Dadirri.

All recognise the potential that is inside us.

Mr Woolf is certified in the following fields of expertise:
- Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher
- Performance-Based Mindfulness Coach
- Reiki Master Practitioner
- CBT Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
- ACT Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
- Past Life Regression Therapy

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Integrative medicine can be identified as a therapy that takes into account the whole body and all aspects of ones lifestyle and wellbeing.

Integrative nutrition emphasises the therapeutic relationship between food and the individual and how the food we eat can impact our physical and mental wellbeing everyday. Lyndsay's practice as an integrative nutritionist and accredited dietitian is informed by scientific evidence, whilst also making use of different lifestyle medicine principles from various wellness modalities. She specialises in gut health and gut disorders whilst also offering specialised gut microbiome analysis testing - giving you invaluable insight into the inner workings of the eco system that is your digestive system. Lyndsay’s practice also extends to dietary protocols for hormone issues and imbalances, inflammatory conditions, disordered eating and weight loss.

- Qualified nutritionist with a Bachelors Degree in Health science & Nutrition
- Accredited Practicing Dietitian with Masters of Dietetics Degree.
- Medicare & Private rebates available for all Nutrition appointments.

Treats in:
Bondi & via Zoom

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