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Jessie - Intuitive Remedial Massage Therapist

Jessie, founder and director of The CALMM, is a registered massage therapist of 8 years who is passionate about healing through intuitive touch.

Jessie strongly believes in massage therapy as a means to de-stress, balance energy, increase focus and clarity, while releasing areas of chronic pain and muscle tension, allowing for increased circulation, mobility and optimum health.

With a more holistic approach to treating, Jessie aims to bring harmony to the body with the use of Acupressure Reiki and a myriad of massage techniques.

- Diploma of Remedial Massage
- Level 1 & 2 Fusion Acupressure method
- Level 1 & 2 Dry Needling
- Facial Rejuvenation Dry Needling
- Functional release cupping
- Reiki level 1 & 2
- Paediatric Massage Consultant
- Caesarean scar release qualified
- Bachelor of Business
- Private health rebates available

Treats in:
Newport & Rose Bay

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Jackie - Intuitive Massage Therapist & Reiki Master

Jackie, an Intuitive Massage Therapist, Skin Specialist, and Reiki Master, brings over a decade of expertise to her holistic approach, fostering deep relaxation and activating the body's innate healing abilities. With her peaceful presence, nurturing touch, and gentle mindfulness practices, Jackie guides clients to slow down, rest and find centre.

Inspired by various massage techniques such as Kodo, Lymphatic Drainage, Kahuna, and deep tissue, Jackie's signature style combines her gentle yet firm touch, flowing and rhythmic movements, and the targeting of precise pressure points, to relieve muscle tension and stress while restoring overall well-being.

Jackie's gift lies in her ability to tune in and attentively listen to the body's needs, identifying and bringing awareness to emotions and limiting beliefs that may hinder energetic flow. With Jackie, clients embark on a sensorial awakening journey through sound healing, aromatherapy and touch while cultivating a nurturing and supportive relationship with their bodies. Beyond the session, Jackie provides guidance and practices for continued well-being at home.

- Bachelor of Aesthetics & Cosmetology
- Manual Lymphatic Drainage Certificate - Dr. Vodder Method
- Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master
- Thetahealing Practitioner
- Acutonics - Integrative Sound Medicine Practitioner (level 1) - No private health rebates available

Treats in:
Rose Bay

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Laura - Somatic & Remedial Massage Therapist

Laura has been practicing as a massage therapist and bodyworker for 8 years and is fully devoted to holistic health. She incorporates old ways with modern approaches, respecting the principles that no one bodily system works alone, that the mind and the energetics are constantly informing the body and vice versa, and that by safely working the body, we can create powerful change on many levels.

To facilitate this process, whether it be pain relief, a ‘coming home’ or a transformation, Laura uses breath work in most sessions to encourage a release, and for chronic conditions will apply the Rites of Passage Framework if the individual is open to the discussion.

- Bachelor of Commerce
- Diploma Remedial Massage Therapy
- Dry needling cert
- Facial needling training
- PRT and ART training
- Myofascial Cupping cert
- Manual lymphatic drainage training
- Kinesio taping training
- Reiki Level 1& 2
- 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training
- 50 hr YTT Pranayama and meditation
- 50 hr YTT Subtle (energy) Body
- Breathwork Facilitator Certification
- Bachelor of Psychology
- Maya Abdominal Massage Training Cert
- Rites of Passage Leadership Training Certificate
- Trauma- informed Somatic Therapy certification (complete in December 2023)
- Private health rebates available

Treats in:
Rose Bay & Newport

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Heloisy - Massage Therapist

Heloisy is a professional masseuse passionate about therapeutic care for over 14 years, she has a degree in aesthetics and cosmetology and administration.

Over the last ten years, she has had the opportunity to work in a renowned international spa rated five stars, going through all stages from therapist to supervisor and trainer. She refined her skills in Thailand and learned from professionals from all different parts of the world, gaining a global view of the most advanced practices and techniques in the field.

She believes that each person is unique and deserving, and takes into account their individual needs and desires with the aim of providing moments of well-being for the body and mind.

- Bachelor of Aesthetics and cosmetology
- Bachelor of Business
- Cert Massage Therapy
- No private health rebates available

Treats in:
Rose Bay

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Alison - Remedial Massage Therapist

Alison has worked in the natural therapy industry for many years being continually inspired by the impact we can have on our lives and bodies through balancing our nervous system and the power of intentional touch. Having studied kahuna bodywork and reflexology for personal healing and body awareness, she incorporates aspects of these modalities into her more recent remedial based offerings creating a deep yet flowing remedial massage style. Having assisted a chiropractor this past year this approach is also tied into her treatments.

- Diploma of Remedial Massage
- Certificate IV in Massage
- Certificate IV in Reflexology
- Kahuna Massage Series 1, Level 2
- Private health rebates available

Treats in:
Rose Bay

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Emma - Remedial Massage Therapist

Emma believes the body has the ability to heal itself if given the right environment and support. Her passion for natural therapies developed after healing a medical condition by working with natural therapies, including bodywork.

Her approach is a combination of deep remedial techniques, myofascial release, energy healing as well as working intuitively and slowly to help relax the body.

She is deeply passionate about working with the bodies nervous system allowing the body to access the parasympathetic state to encourage the bodies self-healing abilities.

- Diploma of Remedial Massage
- Certification of Massage Professional
- Trigger point therapy, deep tissue, sports massage
- Private health Rebates available

Treats in:
Rose Bay

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Sean - Remedial Massage Therapist and Acupressure

Practicing for 4 years as a registered Remedial Massage Therapist Sean offers a comprehensive scope of practice integrating Remedial and Energetic bodywork to manage physical pain and balance clients emotionally/mentally. Sean draws on his comprehensive understanding of anatomy from his degree (B. Human Movement) and experience as a qualified personal trainer (Cert IV in Fitness).

Equal to his Remedial work, Sean draws on his Fusion Acupressure training to help unblock and balance unexpressed emotion and stress in our body.

Sean’s Remedial and Energetically focused treatments encourage respite and softening from the fast world around us. He uses a collaborative approach to reach his client’s goals by combining clinical education and massage. His understanding of anatomy, movement and energetics allows for significant insight into how and why the body works the way it does.

Sean is passionate about increasing range of motion, decreasing dysfunction in limited soft tissue, corrective exercise and seeks to enhance your qi (energy) working on specific meridians (channels) where energy can be blocked/unbalanced. By providing a safe space that allows you to truly slow down and connect to your body, Sean ensures each client leaves with a sense of physical and emotional grounding.

- Bachelor of Human Movement (Sports Science)
- Diploma of Remedial Massage
- Cert III and Cert IV in Fitness
- Level 1 & 2 Dry Needling
- Functional release cupping
- Private health rebates available

Treats in:
Rose Bay

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Yohanne - Massage Therapist

Yohanne is an experienced Massage Therapist and Yoga Instructor with over 5 years of experience and is now pursuing a Post-Grad in her newest passion: Ayurveda. Her approach to massage is restorative and aims to provide a bridge between mind and body, in order to achieve deep rest and healing - bridging the gap of the psychosomatic aspect.

With work experience ranging from chiropractic clinics to ayurvedic centres and her own innate inclination to the energetic realm, not one treatment will ever be the same, absolutely tailored to your current need. Her techniques are characterised by precision, yet they also carry a loving and nurturing quality, embracing those she works with in a supportive and safe container.

- Cert IV Massage Therapy
- Post-Grad in Ayurveda (current)
- 50h Yin and Meditation Yoga Teacher Training
- 280h Integrative Hatha Yoga Teacher Training
- No private health rebates available

Treats in:
Rose Bay

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Matt - Remedial Massage Therapist

As a Remedial Massage Therapist , Matt brings a comprehensive understanding of anatomical form and function combined with a passion for movement and mobility. His athletic background gives him relevant and practical understanding of the effects that injury, rehabilitation and pain management can have on the individual, and why the body is functioning the way it is.

With a passion for restoring mobility and function to the body and alleviating chronic pain, each session ensures the client leaves feeling revitalised and rejuvenated. Commitment to further study and development ensure clients are always in safe and capable hands.

- Certificate IV in Massage Therapy
- Diploma Remedial Massage (in progress)
- Bachelor or Sports & Exercise Science
- No private health rebates available

Treats in:
Rose Bay

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Danielle - Remedial Massage Therapist

Dee qualified as a remedial massage therapist in 2020. She has a strong passion for wellness and healing through body work and movement using her extensive knowledge of the body. Post massage training, Dee sparked an interest in Pilates and enrolled in a course to help further her knowledge of the body and understand dynamic movement as a form of medicine for society's increasingly sedentary lives. Dee is here to be a part of your wellness journey, to assist you with feeling freedom, balanced and grounded in your body white simultaneously releasing muscular tension

- Diploma of Remedial Massage
- Private health rebates available

Treats in:

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Elle - Remedial Massage Therapist

Elle completed her Certificate 4 in Performing Arts and went on to perform in many children’s shows and cruise ships as a professional dancer. From there Elle decided to redirect her focus onto the fitness industry where she completed her Certificate 3 and 4 in Fitness in 2011.  It would be the perfect transition from a life of dance, dance teaching and swim teaching where she could get even more people enjoying the benefits of moving the body. Investing in her own health and becoming a mother has shown Elle a more calm way to move and support the body with bodywork such as remedial massage and acupuncture which then drew Elle to return to study and complete her diploma in remedial massage in 2022. Elle’s treatment aim is to provide the balance of strengthening and releasing the body to move freely and with purpose in life.

- Certificate 4 in Performing Arts
- Certificate 3 and 4 in Fitness
- Diploma in Remedial Massage
- Certificate in Abdominal Scar Release
- Functional release cupping
- Private health rebates available

Treats in:

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Sara - Massage Therapist

Sara’s calming presence has touched the lives of many people. In 2015, Sara began supporting people in the not-for-profit community space as a masters qualified social worker and counsellor. Having a long standing love for yoga and shiatsu, Sara went on to complete Japanese Yoga Teacher Training in 2017, with teachers in Australia and abroad. Soon after, out of a love for embodied care, Sara began training in remedial therapy and later started dell’ Anima (Italian for of the Spirit) where she offers a trauma sensitive approach to bodywork and nature based therapies.

Registered with the Australian Natural therapist association, health fund rebates are available for many treatments with Sara. Whether you are seeking deep myofascial release or wanting to feel more connected and at ease with your body, Sara will tune into your needs and offer you a grounding, soothing space where you can feel seen, heard and cared for.

- Remedial Massage Diploma
- Integrative Lymphatic Drainage certification
- Japanese Yoga Teacher certification
- Polyvagal Informed (Trauma Sensitive) Yoga Teacher cert.
- Social Work Masters, Somatic Psychotherapy certification
- Visual Arts degree, Creative arts therapy certification
- Private health rebates available

Treats in:

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Samara - Beauty & Massage Therapist

Samara comes from a long line of Traditional First Nations healers, her background being Barkindji and Ngalakan she integrates this ancient medicine and energy into her body work treatments. Her intuitive and healing touch stays with you long after her hands have left your body. Her angle with body work is that the healing process always takes place within you, where she works alongside as a facilitator of healing and an energetic guide. Her touch is nurturing and gentle with knowledgeable accuracy and depth, releasing tension and energising weary muscle fascia.

Working with bodies and energies is to Samara always held with deep respect, honour and authenticity. It is her souls journey and joy.

- Cert IV in Massage and Beauty Therapy
- No private health rebates available

Treats in:

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Kristen – Master Energy Healer / Integrated Energy Practitioner

Kristen is a registered Master Energy Healer, Meditation Practitioner and (soon to be) Himalayan Breathwork and Kriya Yoga facilitator. Kristen is passionate about bringing awareness and normality to energy healing across the 4-body system – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies.

With a progressive approach to energy healing, Kristen works with potent energy healing techniques (Ashati, Alsemia, Reiki) and uses supportive tools such as sacred oils and crystals to amplify the relaxation and healing process.

Kristen strongly believes in consistent energy hygiene practises to release stress, tension, dense emotions and heal trauma from the entire 4 body system and reach a version of self which is free, happy and at full integration of wellbeing.

Treats in:
Rose Bay

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Brittany - Reiki Healer

Brittany is reiki practitioner, meditation teacher and holistic counsellor. She is passionate about supporting her clients to bring harmony and balance into their lives through energetic healing and mindfulness practices.

Brittany creates a grounding, safe and nurturing space where you can come home to yourself. In her sessions she utilises sound, scents and guided relaxation to drop you into deeper connection to your body and the space. Her intention is to evoke a deep state of relaxation, elevate your energy and support your bodies natural healing process. Tools and practices are offered after each session to support you beyond the treatment.

Brittany is known for her warm, bright and intuitive energy, providing a calm and nurturing space for you to feel seen, heard and supported.

- Certificate in Meditation Teaching and Holistic Counselling.
- Reiki Level I + II
- Currently completing Diploma in Kinesiology

Treats in:
Rose Bay

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Annalise - Human Design Reader

Annalise is a Human Design Reader, Teacher and Mentor, and has been with The CALMM for almost 4 years. During this time Annalise has read over 500 Human Design Charts for people from all walks of life. In Human Design terms Annalise is a 4/6 Emotional Projector and for the astrology buffs she is a Cancer Sun, Cancer Moon & Leo Rising.

Annalise is passionate about supporting you in reconnecting to your truth through Human Design. In a Human Design Reading you will gain an understanding of your inherent energy flow, your gifts and talents, your soul aligned purpose, how you relate to others and so much more. Annalise enjoys supporting you in both your personal and professional development, with a special interest in using the modality of Human Design in Business.

Annalise’s style of reading is very fluid and intuitive. The Human Design system can be quite overwhelming, so in an effort to allow for ease of integration Annalise strips it right back and simply shares the story of who you are. She eliminates the jargon and speaks to what is most supportive for your growth and evolution.

Prior to becoming a Human Design Reader, Annalise worked as a Holistic Nutritionist for 4 years, and she continues to weave health and wellbeing into her Human Design Readings today.

Treats in:
Rose Bay

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Holly - Naturopath

Holly is a qualified naturopath and nutritionist with a bachelor’s degree in health science who is passionate about realistic, achievable, and sustainable holistic health care.

Holly uses herbal and nutritional medicine along with dietary and lifestyle adjustments to bring about change in the body and guide it back to balance. Her interests as a naturopath lie in female reproductive health and hormone health, really focusing on helping women come back to themselves. Holly works with anything from period problems, skin issues, preconception care, perimenopause, menopause, and everything in between.

Holly works with clients at The Calmm on a 1:1 basis and provides you with a treatment plan to follow in between visits. By always treating the root cause of a health issue Holly’s consultations involve her asking all sorts of weird and wonderful questions to really get to the bottom of what’s going on for you, this means diving into key drivers of hormone imbalances and such as the impacts of stress, an imbalanced gut, nutrient deficiencies or unsuitable dietary choices, just to name a few, which is why she always takes a holistic view of your unique circumstances and health.

Holly also uses both functional testing such as stool and hormone testing as well as standard pathology labs from your GP.

- Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy
- No private health rebates available.

Treats in:

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Raj - Holistic Nutritionist

Raj is a holistic nutritionist, founder of movement practice: BURN by Body Medicine and a yoga teacher.

Raj has been a nutritionist since 2015 in both Sydney and NYC. She lived in NYC for several years and worked with some of the country's best Integrative Practitioners, specifically Dr Frank Lipman, renowned Functional Medicine Doctor.
Raj teaches movement classes in Bondi and believes the two (movement and nutrition) go hand-in-hand. She believes that individualized nutrition is the way of the future and is a key part of getting to know ourselves. Her sessions facilitate the process of tapping into what works best for YOU.

We will work a lot with trial and error and you will be asked to lean into the process through deep listening, lots of personal experimentation and a whole lot of science.
These sessions span beyond just nutrition, they encompass all the facets of your life that impact you on a day to day basis: Sleep, supplementation, movement, purpose, relationships are a few of the categories we will cover in our sessions. Diet is important but if you aren’t sleeping, we need to zoom and explore why. Everything we do impacts everything we do... Getting to know yourself is life-changing and these sessions will provide you with take-aways that you will use for years to come.

Raj lives and breathes a healthy life, which can sometimes look like a big bowl of fries and a good giggle with dear friends. It's not all green juice and rainbows. Health is a journey, but one of the best ones going!

-Holistic Nutritionist (BHSc)
-Yoga teacher

Treats in:
Rose Bay

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Ali - Clinical Naturopath

Ali’s a Clinical Naturopath with a Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy and is an APHRA Registered Nurse with a Bachelor of Health Science in General Nursing.

Ali’s aim is to combine her medical background with her naturopathic knowledge to guide you to achieve the best version of yourself through a holistic approach. Ali utilises herbal medicine and nutraceuticals, complemented by tailored nutrition and holistic lifestyle guidance, to restore balance within your body. Ali integrates science into her practice using functional tests such as stool analysis and blood pathology studies to identify root causes. Ali’s main interests include all things skin, women’s reproductive health and gut health.

Ali treats:
- Hormonal imbalances including period pain, absent or irregular periods, endometriosis, PCOs, post pill side-effects, pre-conception, hormonal acne or PMS
- Skin conditions including acne, rosacea and psoriasis
- Gut symptoms including bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhoea, constipation, IBS, SIBO, gut dysbiosis, parasites or experiencing erratic digestions
- Nervous system imbalances including anxiety, stress, burnout, fatigue or low energy, migraines or headaches, poor sleep or mood imbalances
- Immune support including frequent infections, post viral syndrome and post viral chronic fatigue

- Bachelor of science in naturopathy
- Bachelor of science in general nursing
- BTEC Advanced Diploma in Nutrition
- PT & reformer Pilates instructor
- No private health rebates available

Treats in:
Rose Bay

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Gina - Functional Dietitian and Nutritionist

Gina is a Clinical Dietitian and Nutritionist with an Honours degree from the University of Wollongong (BND Honours). With expertise for all things health, wellness, movement and body functionality, Gina brings an integrative approach to health.

She has a passion for gut and digestive health, whilst helping people navigate the ever evolving and complicated health and wellness industry. Gina has a deep curiosity towards understanding the gut and its effect on our everyday habits and well-being.

At The Calmm, Gina offers individualised consults, treatment plans and education, unique to your goals and body’s needs. Her passion helps guide individuals towards being their happiest and healthiest self. Having experienced many of her own health complications, Gina has a simple goal: to empower people to take control of their health and understand their body by equipping them with tools to resolve their gut-related issues and feel happier and more energetic in this busy world.

Beyond her clinical dietetic life, Gina is a Pilates Instructor, helping individuals to use movement to tune in with their bodies and minds.
Gina offers online appointments.

- Bachelor (Honours) of Nutrition and Dietetics
- Certified FODMAP Dietitian (Monash University)
- Mat and Reformer Pilates Instructor

Treats in:
The CALMM Online

Sessions are held online, a Zoom link will be sent to you directly prior to your session.
Practitioner works remotely and will contact you directly regarding client intake forms prior to your first session.

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Courtney - Holistic Counsellor

Courtney is a qualified Holistic Counsellor and Energetic Meditation Practitioner offering authentic, intuitive and gentle one-to-one therapeutic spaces.

Courtney’s therapeutic style is grounded in meeting your experiences and very human feelings with love, compassion and wholehearted acceptance. It’s then where you feel safe to continue doing so and allowing your journey to evolve and along the way finding more resilience, understanding, tools and ways to make sense of it all, too keep going on this human journey.

As a fellow highly sensitive, empathic Cancer Sun, who has experienced her own struggles and loss of spirit and joy, due to living in a loop of anxiety, panic attacks, and the burn out that comes from emotional exhaustion. Courtney has learnt to accept that it is okay to have a little less capacity and tolerance to the world sometimes, compared to others. Courtney values her sense of self and extends that same care and compassion towards others, finding comfort in making sense of the authentic, unfiltered aspects of our internal worlds. Drawing from her own life experiences and learnings, Courtney is passionate about helping others navigate their own inward journeys, guiding them through the deepest spirals and holding hope for the calm and wonder that lies on the other side.

Courtney is a Cancer Sun, Pisces Rising and Aquarius Moon, and a Generator in Human Design. Living on the Sunshine Coast, enjoying living life as slowly as possible. Loves anything to do with spirituality and seeing the world more meaningfully. Courtney won't say no to a coffee and pastry, and loves being by the ocean whenever possible. Taking inspiration from her coastal surroundings, drawn to earthy-ness, pottering, creating and ebbing and flowing authentically, letting intuition light up the path, offering a caring and genuine helping hand to anyone that comes into her world.

- Diploma of Holistic Counselling (HH Prac. Hol Couns)
- Energetic Embodied Meditation Teacher
- Holistic Health & Nutrition Coach

Treats in:
The CALMM Online

Sessions are held online, a Zoom link will be sent to you directly prior to your session.
Practitioner works remotely and will contact you directly regarding client intake forms prior to your first session.

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