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Integrative Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is thorough but fluid and beyond rigid frameworks. It serves as an invitation for us to integrate the body and the mind, the past and the present. It allows for us to have a felt experience of what it is like to be whole. Psychotherapy is for those that need a safe space to explore anxiety, depression, stress related issues, trauma, grief and loss + existential, emotional and relational disturbances.

Particularly important is the view of the human psyche as ‘the mind ... reaching all parts of the body’. The central nervous system includes the brain, the spinal cord and a complex network of nerves. Working together with both the body and the mind is pivotal to achieving therapeutic change. This notion encompasses the pursuit of developing a state of mind that allows the client to live the life they wish to lead, whilst looking through a non-pathologizing lens. This simply means allowing the totality of the client to show up, rather than only what is presenting as the primary issue. Pathology is the tip of the ice berg. Psychotherapy serves to discover the systems and root causes that lie below the presenting issue.

An integrative psychotherapist takes an individualised approach. This involves matching and integrating different therapeutic interventions with each client's particular concerns. The first step is to discover and understand the individual's unique preferences, needs, spiritual beliefs (if any), openness and motivation level. The first few sessions are information gathering from all aspects of the client's life which involve the biological, behavioural and cognitive, just to name a few. Psychotherapy is the vehicle, the client the driver, the therapist a guiding light.

Psychotherapy is ready when you are. You can book in for 15 minute introduction call to discuss the processes involved within psychotherapy sessions and any questions that may be present for you.


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In a Human Design Reading you will gain an understanding of your inherent energy flow, your gifts and talents, your soul aligned purpose, how you relate to others and so much more. Human Design Readings are tailored to your needs and are a unique collaboration between yourself and our Reader, Annalise.

A Human Design Reading offers an insight into the truth of who you are. A Reading can support you in navigating any challenges you may currently be facing or it can help you expand to your next level self. Your Reading can focus on love & relationships, personal development, Business alignment, finding Purpose or whatever else you feel you need in the moment.

Ahead of your in-person Reading you will receive an email with your pre-recorded Energy Type & Authority Videos (Valued at $55) to support you in becoming acquainted with your Design. In your Reading Annalise will speak to your area of focus (nominated at the time of booking) and share the intricacies of your unique design with you.

60 MINUTES: $200
90 MINUTES: $250

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Reiki works by re-balancing the body's energy flow. It removes blockages in the body which may have been built up for years, resulting in physical pain, stress, emotional worries or and inability to move forward. The Universal Reiki energy will help each individual where they need it most in their life. For some this may be grounding or even stillness, and for others it may bring balance to your emotional and physical state.

60 MINUTE level II healer: $130
60 MINUTE Master healer: $140

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The Lymph detox treatment accelerates your lymphatic system’s natural cleansing and healing ability by removing toxins, metabolic wastes and excess fluid from your body. We use a combination of lymphatic, rhythmic stokes and sports massage to drain, reduce inflammation, promote flow, decrease pain and sculpt the body. Leave feeling lighter, slimmer and stronger.

60 MINUTES: $140
90 MINUTES: $190

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The FACE massage

This rejuvenating massage and acupressure treatment provides a natural face-lift by freeing up contractions within the facial muscles and connective tissues. The combination of remedial facial massage, lymphatic drainage, acupressure and energy balancing aids in improved circulation, the removal of toxins from the face, increased oxygen flow, alleviating headaches and smoothing over your complexion while creating an equilibrium within the body.

60 MINUTES: $175

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The DEEP remedial

This remedial treatment is designed to iron out any knots or areas of tension in the body, while simultaneously easing deep-rooted stress patterns. Whether a focused or a full body treatment, this style of massage can stimulate blood flow, increase joint mobility, help to repair damaged tissue and release energetic blockages. Your therapist will aim to balance the length, tone and tension of muscles and tendons, to restore equilibrium within the body and in turn, promote healing.

Leave feeling realigned, rejuvenated, limber and ready to take on the world. Kick that headache, lower back pain or sciatic pain in the bum. YOU GOT THIS!

To up level this treatment, try adding dry needling!

60 MINUTES: $125
90 MINUTES: $180

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This remedial treatment is a treatment of focus, designed to restore healthy movement, decrease areas of restriction causing pain, better facilitate the release of connective tissue by recruiting motor pathways & provide a new input to the nervous system; changing dysfunction, deformations and pain.

As an interactive treatment, your therapist will weave functional cupping with remedial massage to stimulate blood flow, increase joints mobility, help to repair damaged tissues and release energetic blockages. These techniques will aim to balance the length, tone and tension of muscles and tendons, which restores equilibrium within the body and in turn, promotes healing.

60 MINUTES: $135
90 MINUTES: $195

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Relax the body and de-stress the mind. Improve your 
overall sense of well-being, and restore vital energy. This healing treatment consists of flowing strokes, kneading and gentle manipulations of the muscles performed at your chosen pressure combined with a bespoke blend of essential oils. The perfect treatment post-work, a long flight or a stressful day.

60 MINUTES: $125
90 MINUTES: $180

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The PREGNANCY massage

The perfect treatment for women pre and post natal to soothe and melt away any aches and pains in your changing body. A customised blend of baby-safe essential oils assists to reduce stress and allow for total relaxation.

60 MINUTES: $140
90 MINUTES: $210

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Abdominal Scar FLOW Remedial

The abdominal scar release technique is specifically designed to help women who have birthed via c-section, experienced a hysterectomy and other female surgeries (organ removals, keyhole surgery, cancers).

In an abdominal scar release session, we assess and treat adhesion around the scar, the abdominal wall, the diaphragm, and the ribs. We also assess and treat any associated areas, such as back, hips and neck.

Abdominal scars can contribute to your back pain, continence issues, or general scar discomfort. If your scar feels numb, causes you pain or tingling, or appears “stuck” this treatment is for you!

Sessions include a thorough screening and a photo will be taken at the start and finish of your treatment to show you the difference side by side.


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The WOMANS massage

Reconnect to your sacred centre. The living qualities within you as a woman are rarely felt and embodied to their full potential within our current model of life. What if we could live from a place that is not only foundational but ever enriching for ourselves and others?

This treatment is the ultimate reset for every woman. A hands on, gentle, non invasive and supportive session to assist in clearing what is not you, and reconnecting you to your preciousness and sacredness within. Each session intuitively guided just for you.

A strong focus is given to:
- A woman’s cycle which includes endometriosis, fibroids, PCOS, lower back pain, irregular and painful periods.
- Fertility Massage and Conscious Conception support, such as preparing the body for pregnancy, supporting the ovaries and womb space as well as supporting those undergoing IVF and IUI.
- Digestive support for those experiencing IBS, indigestion, appetite fluctuations, constipation, gas and bloating.
- Postpartum Healing to support pelvic prolapse, birth trauma and womb healing, lower back and hip pain.

Each session can be a mix of all of the above or more specific with a particular area. This is a very intuitive session, where the practitioner feels your body and moves to the parts that are needing support and healing / clearing.

Unfortunately this treatment is not available for women who are pregnant.

60 MINUTES: $130
90 MINUTES: $195

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Acupressure is a gentle, yet extremely powerful form of bodywork. It stems from the ancient art of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), built on a foundation of prevention. It works with the energy systems of the body, which profoundly affect our physical health, our emotional state, and our spiritual wellbeing. By creating flow and harmony at the energy level, acupressure also brings deep relaxation and healing to our body, our emotions and our spirit. This treatment is designed to stimulate the body's circulatory, lymphatic and functions of the immune system, aiding the body's natural ability to heal itself. Benefits include relieving stress, tension and anxiety, improving sleep, soothing the pain and discomfort of a sports or other injury, reducing digestive issues and minimising headaches. Combined with remedial massage, this treatment is the perfect balance between physical alignment and energetic balancing.

90 MINUTES: $185
105 MINUTES: $210

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The ultimate healing treatment with our founder, Jessie and senior therapist, Laura. This treatment is designed around the individual to work in to both the physical and energetic body. 0 Pending on your therapist, they will use a combination of massage, reiki, acupressure, needling, tuning forks, somatic body work, breath-work and red light therapy to shift energetic blockages and support you where you need it most. Leave life at the door and spend 2 hours gifting yourself time to let go and fall in to your body.

120 MINUTES: $350

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NormaTec Compression

The NormaTec compression pieces work by using dynamic air compression to reduce inflammation and advance your wellness.

Relax, pump lymphatic blockages, improve circulation, increase flexibility and enhance recovery with the patented NormaTec Pulse technology. Select your pressure, ranging from a relaxing massage to deep pressure and elongation of muscles. At The CALMM, we offer both the NormaTec compression boots and the hip and lower back attachment, allowing each individual to work in to their desired area.

Why NormaTec?
- Improve circulation

- Encourage lymphatic drainage

- Remove waste products such as toxins, bacteria, viruses and excess fats. 

- Improve range of movement and flexibility
- Decrease recovery time

- Down-regulate the nervous system

- Enhance the benefits of your sauna or massage

Drainage proceeds supply. Let go of what you don’t need and allow nutrients & oxygen to free flow.

30 MINUTES: $40
45 MINUTES: $50
60 MINUTES: $60

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