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This treatment is designed to stimulate the body's circulatory, lymphatic and functions of the immune system, aiding the body's natural ability to heal itself. Benefits include relieving stress, tension and anxiety, improving sleep, soothing the pain and discomfort of a sports or other injury, reducing digestive issues and minimising headaches.

90 MINUTES: $150

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The FACE massage

This rejuvenating massage and acupressure treatment provides a natural face-lift by freeing up contractions within the facial muscles and connective tissues. The combination of remedial facial massage, lymphatic drainage, acupressure and energy balancing aids in improved circulation, the removal of toxins from the face, increased oxygen flow, alleviating headaches and smoothing over your complexion while creating an equilibrium within the body.

60 MINUTES: $140

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The DEEP remedial

This remedial treatment is designed to iron out any knots or areas of tension in the body, while simultaneously easing deep-rooted stress patterns. Whether a focused or a full body treatment, the style of massage can stimulate blood flow, increase joints mobility, help to repair damaged tissues and release energetic blockages. The therapist will aim to balance the length, tone and tension of muscles and tendons, which restores equilibrium within the body and in turn, promotes healing. Leave feeling realigned, rejuvenated, limber and ready to take on the world. kick that headache, lower back pain or sciatic pain in the bum. YOU GOT THIS!

60 MINUTES: $110
90 MINUTES: $150

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The PREGNANCY massage

The perfect treatment for women pre and post natal to soothe and melt away any aches and pains in your changing body. A customised blend of baby-safe essential oils assists to reduce stress and allow for total relaxation.

60 MINUTES: $110
90 MINUTES: $150

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Relax the body and de-stress the mind. Improve your 
overall sense of well-being, and restore vital energy. This healing treatment consists of flowing strokes, kneading and gentle manipulations of the muscles performed at your chosen pressure combined with a bespoke blend of essential oils. The perfect treatment post-work, a long flight or a stressful day.

60 MINUTES: $110
90 MINUTES: $150

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This treatment is targeted to incredible precision and delivered right where you need it most. You know your body, whether it’s that annoying muscle ache, middle back tension or neck tightness, my full attention is on your tension area to help melt it away.

30 MINUTES: $65

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Give back to your employees. This corporate massage is designed to relieve stress, anxiety, headaches, tension, improve concentration and focus, find clarity and assist in organising the cluttered mind while bringing a smile to your well deserving employees face. Our bespoke essential oil blends and ultimate relaxation playlist on our portable boom box furthers this in house treatment. Get the most out of your team, treat them to a weekly, fortnightly or monthly visit by The CALMM.

120 MINUTES: $300

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Initial Consult
An initial nutrition consultation centres around an in depth discussion of each client’s health and well being status, food choices, lifestyle habits, medical history and desired health goals.

This conversation offers your practitioner an opportunity to understand what you eat and drink, how your body performs and any ongoing issues that might be disturbing your physical or mental wellbeing. From here, your practitioner will guide you in establishing meaningful changes in both your nutrition and lifestyle spaces that will help you to achieve your best picture of health.

Gut health testing and various functional pathology services are available for those seeking a more in depth understanding of their current health outlook.

Return Consult
A return appointment gives your practitioner the opportunity to support you further in achieving your health oriented goals. Return appointments include a revision of any newly implemented nutrition protocols, an opportunity to review any functional test results and to develop a further understanding of how the food you eat is impacting your health.

Supplement & Wellness Review
A short 15 minute appointment designed to explore your current supplement routine in conjunction with your dietary intake, to help you decipher what to consume and when. In a world where we are surrounded by products designed to optimise our health, use this quick review as an opportunity to uncover what supplements and herbs are right for you and which products might not be supporting you to the fullest capacity.

Medicare rebates available for this service.


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The Food Inflammation Test (FIT Test), a powerful tool to get to personalised answers to what’s making us sick.

People are often confused about what’s causing the myriad of symptoms they’re experiencing. As you may know, it turns out that up to 80% of all disease is linked to chronic inflammation. And the foods we eat are one of the major causes of inflammation. Eliminating food related inflammation is the major key to greater health and wellness and the FIT Test makes it easy. With people eating three or more times a day, it is imperative to identify what specific foods cause inflammation in each individual’s body.

The great thing is, it’s easy for you to start the process of getting your personalised results and be on your way to eliminating food-related inflammation and the associated symptoms, leading to a healthier life. The FIT Test is a blood test that uses a simple pin prick to the finger so it can be done at home or in your office. The test is sent to the US for analysis and results are received within about two-three weeks.

Our clinical study showed the FIT Test helped patients with the alleviation of the following symptoms, just to name a few, which can be so challenging and often debilitating. Please see below preliminary results below:
• Bloating/Stomach Pain • Inability to lose weight • Skin Conditions • Anxiety/Depression • Joint Pain • Constipation/Diarrhea • Craving Sugar • Impotence/Libido • Fatigue/ Insomnia

- The FIT Test is a patented, state of the art, delayed food sensitivity test that uses a unique, multi-pathway testing sequence that includes both IgG 1-4 plus complement. Simply put, this unique feature makes it the most sensitive test on the market and the only test that tests for foods that trigger inflammation, not just some other immune response. It is the most accurate test on the market with very reproducible results that correlate with symptoms. Other tests often give many false positives which makes them hard to trust leads to increased non-compliance. The FIT Test makes it easy.
- The FIT Test is a simple to use, blood collection test with a pin prick to the finger so it’s easy to do it at home or in a clinic or office. The sample is sent away for analysis and the results are emailed back within about 2 weeks. Included with the test is an introduction and follow up session to fully understand the test and results, a 7-day meal plan and an app that are included to assist with implementing the change and to ensure greater compliance with eliminating the foods that test positive.
- Many clients experience immediate, dramatic improvement of symptoms upon eliminating the specific foods they test positive for.
- It’s an easy way to identify leaky gut and which foods to eliminate to help start the healing process.


Tuesday Minute , an independent assessment of noteworthy clinical resources with Joe Buishas.

A great podcast with Dr Kara Fitzgerald (Naturopath) and Dr Joel Evans is Move From Biological Plausibility to Clinical Efficacy

FIT TEST: $595

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