Release: Anterior Tibialis - Place the ball in the centre of your shin muscle. This might feel a little torturous but I promise its worth it. Feel free to roll or hold based on your sensitive and tension. Releasing this muscle can be a game changer, softening the front of your legs and hips.

Release: Quadriceps - To start, place the ball just above the knee, tuck your toes for light pressure or untuck them to increase the pressure. Hold this position for up to a minute or as desired. Move the ball up the middle of the quads and repeat. Again, move it up to the hip and repeat. This release is epic for front leg and hip tension.

Release: Tensor Fasciae Latae (TFL) - My worst night mare but with a positive twist. this muscle can be a hard one to rest over a ball. its short, intense and gets a work out with all the sitting we do. Place the ball in the side of your hip where your pocket would sit. Find that sweet spot, take a breath in and melt over the ball. Hold for a minute or so.

Release: Iliopsoas - Find this muscle just inside your hip bone. Place it on the soft tissue, take a breath in and begin to melt over the ball, laying down with your head on your forehead. Hold for 1 minute.

Release: Pectoralis Major & Minor - Place the ball above the breast tissue, just inside the shoulder. Lay flat and begin to move your arm up and down in order to get a release across both muscles. Repeat until you feel a release.

Release: Frontalis - Please the ball in the centre of your forehead, use the weight of your head to increase or decrease pressure. Hold the ball for stability and then rock your head from side to side. This exercise is epic for for headaches and fluid retention in the face.