Cerimonial Cacao Refill Pouch

Cerimonial Cacao Refill Pouch

Welcome to your daily elixir of vitality, nourishment, comfort and love. Our high vibrational ceremonial cacao blend is the ultimate start to your morning or afternoon pick-me-up, offering an uplifting, heart opening bliss and energising clarity.

It is blended with medicinal mushrooms, adaptogenic herbs, carob and spices to round out its flavour and nutritional potency including the “fountain of youth” mushroom Tremella, antioxidant packed chaga, reishi the mushroom of immortality, and ashwaganda for supporting a healthy stress response. 

Increase your vibrational frequency, cultivate your body’s resilience and allow joy to flourish with each intoxicating sip. The perfect nourishing alternative to that extra cup of coffee. Enjoy hot or pour over ice for a refreshing alternative. 


Sweet, earthy, fruity notes with bitter dark chocolate undertones and a heady aroma. There is a deep complexity and smoothness to the flavour profile that lingers on the palate and feels like a warm hug.

Inhale, exhale, connect to the present moment.

  • Add 2-3 tablespoons per person of our Ceremonial Cacao elixir blend to a ceremonial bowl or favourite mug.

  • Add warmed milk of your choice, along with your desired sweetener to taste.

  • Use a whisk or molinillo to blend and froth the brew.

  • Leave the brew to alchemise for a few minutes before sipping slowly and intentionally, allowing the potency of the blend to work through your mind, body and spirit. Feel your heart open and expand. 


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