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Hydrogen health filtering water bottle

Everyone agrees, water is vital. Without filtered, hydrogen rich water, oxygen cannot reach cells and key systems such as your brain, muscles, bones and organs which rapidly begin to deteriorate. Incorporating the discoveries of 40 years of international water science and research, Hydrogen Health highlights the importance of clean, energetic water and how important this is to efficient detoxing and maintaining optimal function of our body systems.



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Why use me?

Research shows this technology is supporting antioxidant & brain-protective effects, mood disorders, suppressing inflammation, increased athletic & muscular performance, boosting weight loss, reducing effects of diabetes, improved skin health, combatting allergies & hearing loss, and protecting the eyes, heart and liver. (Choose a few from above - long list of benefits!)



Remove screw top lid, pour in 500ml of unfiltered water and replace lid. Press power button at base of cylinder and wait 3 minutes for filter cycle to complete. Now drink, relax and enjoy!


Australian owned company. Contents include water bottle, power adapter, USB charging cable, & quick start guide


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